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JoJo Siwa’s: Meet JoJo Siwa’s New Boyfriend Mark Bontempo!

JoJo Siwa
via ET Canada

Meet JoJo Siwa’s New Boyfriend Mark Bontempo!: American Dancer fame JoJo Siwa has officially got a boyfriend. Recently, the 17-year-old officially announced her boyfriend Mark Bontempo.

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That is to say, JoJo’s love life is not a mystery now. To that end, let us get into the details of JoJo announcing her love life.

Meet Mark

The 17-year-old singer and internet personality announced via TikTok on National Girlfriend’s Day that she’s dating Mark Bontempo. Mark Bontempo is the younger brother of social media influencer Madison Bontempo.

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo
via Daily Mail

In Siwa’s video, she did the famous TikTok challenge as the couple danced on Mozzy’s Famous-I’m the one. In the video, Siwa wore her boyfriend’s skinny jeans, a cream- coloured sweater, black jacket and a dad hat.

Compared to that, Mark dressed in Siwa’s signature look- a glittery bow, bedazzled jacket, multicoloured skirt, hot pink tights, and matching skirts.

Siwa captioned the post:

“Meet Mark.”

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Mark Makes It Official

Mark Bontempo took Instagram to post an old TikTok video of JoJo and him. He captioned it as #nationalgirlfriendsday. In it, Siwa played a popular ‘put a finger down’ game as she revealed that she wasn’t single when it came to responding to the question.

JoJo and Mark
via Seventeen Magazine

Moreover, Mark reacted to JoJo’s video and captioned the post:

“If it’s not me, you have some explaining to do.”

Before the video ended, Mark looked at the camera and pointed it to JoJo who was sitting beside him.

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JoJo Speaks Candidly

Earlier this summer, JoJo spoke candidly about her relationship with her mom. In the interview, JoJo admitted that she’s hidden a lot of secrets from everyone.

She said:

“Do I have any secrets? Yes. Actually, the other day, I was priding myself on how honest I am with the world, and how I have no secrets. And then I was like- Um, but what about my few things? A couple of secrets.”

To this, her mom asked:

“Your boyfriend?”

And, JoJo replied:

“He’s amazing and I couldn’t have imagined anyone better.”


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