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Joker 2: Air Date? Cast? First Look And Many More Spoilers Are Here!

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Joker is an American psychological thriller film. Todd Phillips is the director and producer of the film. The film takes its base from the DC Comics characters. It also provides a possible origin story for the role of the Joker, gets sequel “Joker 2”.

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The film came up on August 31, 2019. However, it grabs the attention of people around the globe. Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of the Joker in the film. He receives The Oscar for the best performance of the year for this role.

Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel of the film. Discussions of a sequel are currently going on. If it is true, then Joaquin Phoenix will once again come up as Arthur Fleck.

Joker 2 Air Date

However, there are official confirmations that Joker 2 is under development. Since there is an early response to Joker and likely awards attention, there will undoubtedly arise an interest from the fans, for the sequel.

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Fans are wishing Phillips and Phoenix back to do another movie. However, Philips already stated that he is open to doing a sequel for Joker. But there may be some contingencies in it.

It is just over two years from the initial announcement of Phillips beginning Joker to the film’s release. So, we can expect a similar time frame to apply to a possible sequel. In that case, Joker 2 has chances to arrive as soon as 2021.


As for now, there is no official trailer for the film. But if the release gets confirmed, we can expect it soon.

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There is no doubt that the role of Joker will be played by Phoenix again. Philips says that he and Phoenix will not have any problem in figuring out an exciting next chapter to explore. But he would only consider it if Phoenix is onboard. However, Zazie Beetz returns as Joker’s neighbour, Sophie.

Joaquin Phoenix cast as the Joker

The Storyline

The story of the sequel seems a bit vague. The film portrayed Arthur Fleck, a lowly clown-for-hire with aspirations of being a stand-up comedian. But he is pushed to the limits after a lifetime of abuse and being overlooked.

This results in a revolution in Gotham City. However, the final scene shows Arthur locked up in Arkham State Hospital. The last shot of the movie with him dancing down the corridor of the hospital, leaving red footprints in his wake brings shivers to the viewers.

So, the sequel has chances to have a story showing the escape of the Joker. It may also explain the further catastrophe that he may cause.

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