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Jordan Banjo’s BLM-Inspired Routine Becomes Controversial!

Diversity crew
Ashley and crew performing

Jordan Banjo’s BLM-Inspired Routine Becomes Controversial!: Black lives matter has become a controversial topic. Recently, Jordan Banjo broke down on the sets of Britain Got Talent with more than 7,581 complaints have arisen.

Diversity’s Routine, Inspired By BLM

Even though the performance was strong, people are not taking it positively. The Black Lives Matter movement had inspired the routine.

On Saturday night, Diversity’s routine narrated the killing of unarmed black man George Floyd in May. The subject had already polarised fans of the mainstream talent show due to its overtly political stance.


Ashley spoke out about his performance that wanted to illustrate the events of this year and also convey the strong message. Jordan added, though they got criticised the performance was more about the dance, and the message they shared was special to them.

Ashley and crew were performing.

Ashley believes even though he got so many complaints, and it’s only making his beliefs strong and adding such a topic to the stage, was right.

People who are in support feel that the performance was a way to express what’s around.

The Controversy

Britain’s Got Talent’sΒ Ofcom complaints have soared toΒ 7,581 afterΒ dance troupe Diversity.

On Wednesday, Jordan broke down as he explained the horrendous abuse that they are receiving, during an appearance on Kiss FM. Their family is also part of the criticism.

The Ofcom of Britain Got Talent has got thousands of complaints about the performance and the show becoming.

According to a speaker, on Monday there were 1,121, on Tuesday 2,966 while on Wednesday the figure complaints confirmed to be 7,581.

Jordan also revealed on the Kiss FM that:

“But we also got bombarded with messages and articles of horrible stuff about us, about our families, about how even now Diversity not diverse enough because there are only five white people in it.”

Fellow judgeΒ David WalliamsΒ has also shown his support to Ashley and his Diversity bandmates by retweeting and liking the complimentary messages.

People anger and opinion about the dance routine

People had also shown their anger on twitter against dance performance. According to most of the people, the show is for entertainment and not to make a political statement.

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