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Jordyn Woods Speaks About Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Source: DailyMail

Jordyn Wood Opens Her About Tristan Thompson

Jordyn Woods Speaks About Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal:Β After landing in qa cheating scandal involving Khloe Kardashian‘s boyfriend Tristan Thompson in 2019, Jordyn Woods has exposed the pain and isolation she felt.

Source: Just Jared

In an interview with Natalie Manuel Lee, Jordyn, 23, commented on the aftermath of the scandal. She admitted she found herself in a ‘dark place’ after the allegations came to light.
Ultimately, Jordyn found peace inside herself after a lot of self-reflection and became a stronger person.

‘I remember just sitting in a very dark place. I had my family to talk to, I had you to talk to, but I just felt like I had no one,’ Jordyn told Natalie.

She had shared a kiss with Tristan at a wedding. Jordyn faced criticism while he was still dating Khloe, who he shares with daughter Real.

The controversy brought Jordyn’s long-standing relationship with the Kardashian family to an end.

‘You take everything you think you know for a whole decade, the people you think you know, the life you think you know, everything that you’ve grown up doing and take it all away from someone. I didn’t even know how to feel,’ Jordyn admitted.

Moving Forward

Source: DailyMail

She grew out of it, but she’s happy with how it went.

‘I’m not happy that people were hurt and people had to go through what they went through,’ she admitted. ‘It was a lot for everyone, my family, other families, friends and not in a million years have I had a negative intention to do anything bad to anyone that I love. I wouldn’t say that I’m happy something like that happened, but I’m happy that I was able to become who I am today.’

It’s been over a year since the fiasco occurred, and everyone seems to have moved on from the trauma of the case. Khloe and Tristan have reconciled, and Jordyn is now dating Karl-Anthony Towns, an NBA player.

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