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Juliette Herrera & Joel Edgerton Kept Their Relationship A Secret!

Juliette and Joel
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Juliette Herrera & Joel Edgerton Kept Their Relationship A Secret!: People say that love is magical, and it can happen at any time with anyone. The relationship between a stylist and our Australian hero could also get started like that.

Juliette has been the centre of drama on The Bachelor
Juliette in the frame

When Did It Start?

A close friend to the reality star said:

“Juliette was working as a stylist for (Cosmopolitan) at the time, and he was about to start filmingΒ Gatsby, so they kept their relationship low-key.” They are in touch even after their breakup. Juliette also seems cool about his relationship with Christine. Joel has moved on after his break up with Juliette.

Joel’s Relationships

Joel Edgerton secretly dated the Bachelor contestant in 2011. Picture: Getty
Picture: Getty

After breaking up with Juliette, he dated model Alexis Blake in 2012 before meeting his current girlfriend in 2018. He broke up with Alexis to pursue filmmaking.Β  Christine and Joel’s romance started at GQ Australia’s Man of the Year Awards in Sydney on November 14, 2018. Their relationship is going smoothly since then.

Juliette’s Life

Juliette has been the stylist for many hot celebrities. She has worked with Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. Previously, Juliette was a fashion editor at Dolly Magazines, Australia. Entirely focusing on her career, she has left her personal life incomplete.

In Search Of Love

The 34-year-old admitted to Ten Play. Juliette said:

“I don’t know what it’s’s like for a man to love me and take care of me and care about me.”

She is in search of love after 12 years of having a successful career. She is currently concentrating on her romance with Locky Gilbert on Bachelor, this season. We wish that she finds her true love this time and sustains in that relationship

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