The Secret Relationship Between BTS’s Jungkook and Ariana Grande revealed. Check it out now!
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Jungkook and Ariana Grande: The Secret Relationship Between BTS’s Jungkook and Ariana Grande revealed.

Jungkook and Ariana Grande: Both BTS and Ariana Grande never fail to be on the headlines for their amazing songs. However, we didn’t expect them to been on the same headline someday. But here they are. BTS’s Jungkook is recently in some controversies with Ariana Grande. Check out everything you need to know.

The Secret Relationship.

Jungkook is an interview revealed that he is a big fan of Ariana Grande and he has been following her for years now. He has even been to many of her concerts. But now people are speculating a little too much about their relationship.


The speculations started when a picture of Ariana and Jungkook went viral on the internet. The picture was from Ariana’s concert of her and Jungkook together. Junkook went all the way to enjoy her concert and to meet her.

Jungkook and Ariana Grande
Jungkook and Ariana Grande

Picture via Instagram.

However, this isn’t very fishy since many celebrities watch famous singers concert. But soon after Ariana met Jungkook, she posted a picture of them together. She captioned the picture with much love and affection. This got fans confused.


Ariana captioned the picture thanking Jungkook for coming all the way for her and that she loves him very much and enjoyed meeting him. Soon after she uploaded the picture, not many people cared about it back then. But now that the two are making the headlines every week their old event is coming up as well.


This picture went viral on the internet with many people claiming that they have some kind of special relationship that they are not ready to share with the world. However, none of the celebs has responded to it yet. What do you think about the two?

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