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Jungkook And Lisa Now There’s A Couple We Can Ship, Can We See A BTS And Blackpink Collaboration Soon?

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Jungkook And Lisa Now There’s A Couple We Can Ship, Can We See A BTS And Blackpink Collaboration Soon?: The K-pop sensation Blackpink and BTS have become internationally famous, and they have earned a strong fanbase. Fans throughout the world have been waiting to see a collaboration between them.

Not only are fans waiting for a song featuring Blackpink and BTS, but they’re also waiting for love to ignite between the two bands’ members.
Fans are particularly anticipating a romance between Jungkook and Lisa.

For some time now, rumours about a secret romance are going on. Everyone is wondering if something could happen between the members of these bands.

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One of the couples that are getting significant support from fans is Jungkook and Lisa. They have been spotted together a few times, making fans more eager to see their favs date.

But unfortunately, it is no something that is going to happen soon.

Blackpink’s label YG Entertainment has a dating ban on the members of the girl band. It can only be real if the former CEO, Yang Hyun-Suk, permits Lisa with his blessings to date Jungkook.

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Even though we don’t get to see Jungkook and Lisa together, fans can still hope for both the bands BTS and Blackpink to collaborate.
There aren’t any policies forbidding Blackpink and BTS from releasing a song together. Still, it may not be possible shortly, because every label has to maintain it’s stars images.

Only some photographs made fans theorise about Jungkook and Lisa’s secret love; a collaboration between them might make fans ship them.

This will be a lot of pressure on both YG Entertainment and the two bands.

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