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Jungkook Leaves BTS ARMY Surprised After He Makes Virtual Appearance Almost After A Year!

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source: Kenya BTS Army

Every BTS Army has reliable information about what’s going in the band, are the members united or not? Like Everything. And if you’re friends with any of the Army Member, Trust me, You Got no Chance to escape. You would end up being a follower right away. BTS might be a boy band from South Korea, but it’s an emotion For BTS Army. The band has a huge fan following from all over the world. Be it Asia or Europe, the Craze For BTS is immense. Well, One of the most adored members of the BTS band Jungkook surprised his fans recently. Hence to know more about the surprise, let us jump straight to the topic.

Jungkook Surprising His Fans and Followers

Jungkook Surprising His Fans and Followers
source: Somag News

The youngest member of the BTS Jungkook surprised his fans when he spontaneously hosted a live stream. It was the happiest moment for the BTS army as they got to see their favourite star, After 492 Days. He is a shy kind of person and always used to avoid cameras earlier. But The made has done it today for his immense fan following. However, The Livestream was hosted by the BANGTANTV Youtube channel, where he appeared to be a guest.

Where the Dynamite Vocalist talked on his upcoming BE Album and what are his roles as a member. He stated that he’s the team manager for the forthcoming album in BE. Moreover, the youngest vocalist has tried hands-on Direction and has shot some scenes likewise. As a result, The BTS Army went crazy and filled up the comment section with hearts and sweet comments.

Army Loves Jungkook

Jungkook Surprising His Fans and Followers
source: Film Daily

Many Fan pages, along with BTS Army, commented on Jungkooks Live Virtual appearance. While one of the fan pages tweeted, “80 to 90 per cent of the strength by which I lead the concert to come from the roars of ARMYs, the expression in their eyes & faces, how they look happy listening to our songs. These are 80 to 90 per cent of what makes me get going w/ concert +. Whereas one fan girl tweeted, “jungkook, you’re so so cute.”

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