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Jungkook Of BTS sings Savage Love At Home In Pyjamas Sporting A Man Bun

Source: Republic World

BTS Jungkook Sings Savage Love In A Man Bun

Jungkook of BTS sings Savage Love At Home In Pyjamas Sporting A Man Bun:Β Jeon Jungkook, a South Korean singer and youngest member of BTS, is generating trends again. For his man bun this time. The main vocalist sang a home edition of the Savage Love remix with Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685 at the centre of the party.

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Fans of the band were too distracted, however, to note the man bun that made a reappearance.

Jungkook posted a black and white Twitter video of himself on a sofa. He was wearing what appears to be a fancy pyjama set and barefoot. He sang along to the chorus in English to show off his vocal abilities.

Fans Cannot Ignore The Man Bun

Source: Metro

BTS ‘Jungkook made sure that he reached the vocals right with an only lyrical singing. The artist, in the original album, used the F-word. However, in this home video, he stopped saying it. Throughout the video, Jungkook is sitting in the comfort of his house. The singer was in front of a window, and an unknown person was filming the video.

Fans of the K-Pop superstars loved hearing him sing β€˜When you kiss me I know you don’t give two f***s’ when the remix dropped, but this time the 23-year-old kept it clean and missed the F-bomb out (it’s at around the 22 second mark, by the way).

He ended the clip with a few moments of dancing along the track.

The man bun had made an appearance at VLive during Jungkook ‘s birthday before the show. After looking at Jungkook ‘s hairstyle, fans reacted quite massively. As seen during the ‘Fake Love’ period, the youngest member of BTS is fond of long hair.Β  But for many fans, the guy bun was a first. It will be fascinating to see what hairstyle during the BE period the singer prefers. In November, the new album will be released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the same thing.

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