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Justice Department Seeks To Defend Trump It Jean Caroll Defamation Lawsuit!

Department Of Justice Interferes In A Lawsuit Against Trump

Justice Department Seeks To Defend Trump It Jean Caroll Defamation Lawsuit!: The Justice Department is looking to interfere in a defamation case brought by journalist E. Jean Carroll v. President Donald Trump for denying her allegation of rape.

On Tuesday, federal lawyers asked a court to approve a move that could place the American people on the hook for any money that she could get paid.

After state courts in New York turned down Trump’s appeal to postpone E. Jean Carroll’s suit, attorneys from the Justice Department filed court papers. The aim is to move the case to federal and remove Trump as the defendant.

The move to intervene is in line with a Department of Justice. It has repeatedly advanced a broad vision of executive power. It moved to protect Trump from legal exposure. Carroll sued the president last year who had ever denied meeting her and defaming her when he told media outlets she was lying.

The DOJ claimed in a court filing Tuesday that at the time, Trump was “acting within the scope of his office.” It is pushing the court to replace Trump as the defendant in the case with the United States.

Trump Makes Shocking Statements Against Carroll

Source: New York Post

“Today’s actions demonstrate that Trump will do everything possible, including using the full powers of the federal government, to block discovery from going forward in my case before the upcoming election to try to prevent a jury from ever deciding which one of us is lying,” Carroll said in a statement.

Carroll has served as an advisory columnist at Elle magazine for more than 20 years. She claimed that Trump sexually assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in 1990. It got published in a New York Article in June 2019.

The president said Carroll was “totally lying” and added, “I’ll say it with great respect: No. 1, she’s not my type. No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?”

Carroll’s lawsuit claims these two statements were false and defamatory, as well as a third made during the same time.

A New York judge last month rejected Trump’s attempt to stay the defamation case. Carroll is trying to get a Trump DNA sample to see if it matches as-yet-unidentified male genetic material found on a dress. She says that she was wearing during the alleged attack.

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