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JUSTICE For Sarah Pitts Who Died While Cycling!

Justice needed

JUSTICE For Sarah Pitts Who Died While Cycling!: Justice for Sarah Pitts so that every person who cycles would feel safe. The traffic isn’t safe for anyone who is cycling. The eyes of the people who cycle are in this case of Sarah Pitts.

Sarah deserves justice

Sarah Pitts

Sarah Pitts (35) had worked as a prosecutor in the Brooklyn DA’s office. She had a keen sense of justice due to which she mostly used in the Post-Conviction Justice Bureau, spending most of her time going to prison to hear about the inmates who felt they were wrongfully convicted.

The place where the accident took place

She died in an accident on September 7, inΒ  Hasidic part of Williamsburg. She had been riding a bicycle with the flag Black Lives Matter attached to it. She was struck by a bus on her way.

Supposedly, on the night of the accident, she was riding her home in Clinton Hill after a meeting of Riders for Rights, a politically active group of cyclists.

Reports Say

The traffic for cyclists has been aggressive and rushing. Brooklyn bicyclists after the incident, felt that the traffic had been threatening to give a feeling that the stress is anti-cyclist.

According to reports by Julianne Cuba of Streetsblog:

“Sarah was at least the 12th cyclist killed in New York City this year. At least 11 of those deaths, including hers, could have been prevented by better bike infrastructure.”

Brooklyn DA’s statement

There have been no efforts so made for better bike infrastructure or for Sarah to get justice. It felt like the lives of the cyclist doesn’t hold any importance for the government.

Nick Rizzo, the Democratic District leader, had also stated that:

“I know of many people about my age who have died on their bikes in North Brooklyn while I have lived here: Aurilla Lawrence, Devra Freelander, Mathieu Lefevre, to name just three of many. No one was held responsible for killing them. Maybe a prosecutor with a Black Lives Matter sign will get different treatment, but I’m not holding my breath.”

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