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Kaley Cuoco Resumes Work But She Has A Jennifer Aniston Fan Girl Moment!

Jennifer Aniston Kaley Cuoco
Source: Metro

Kaley Cuoco Remembers Jennifer Aniston As She Resumes Work

Kaley Cuoco Resumes Work But She Has A Jennifer Aniston Fan Girl Moment!: Both of them are part of cult classic TV sitcoms and have essayed roles that have made them evergreen stars. One is Jennifer Aniston from Friends, and the other is Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. However, Kaley is a huge fan of Jennifer and even acted as the β€˜little girl’ in Jennifer Aniston’s movie Picture Perfect.

She resumed the shoot of her next project, The Flight Attendant, and she had a nostalgic moment. She shared a picture with the framed poster of Picture Perfect. However, the caption had an explanation for the post. She said:

β€œThe first day at our new stages…walked to my dressing room and what movie poster do I see framed right outside my door? Picture Perfect starring @jenniferaniston.”

Jennifer Aniston Kaley Cuoco
Source: Metro

Kaley Cuoco Shares A Fan Girl Moment With Jennifer Aniston

Kaley Cuoco described an incident from Picture Perfect where the editor cut her line in the final draft of the movie. However, all she cared about was Jennifer Aniston at that time. She further said in her caption:

β€œLittle known fact this was one of the first ‘parts’ I was ever cast in as a kid… I was the last name in the credits (credited as ‘little girl’).. when I saw the movie, they had cut my one line, but all I remember is spending the entire day convincing myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. (Friends was my life at that point).”

Kaley Cuoco Is Still The Same Jennifer Aniston Fan

Kaley has come a long way since playing the little girl and has carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry. However, she is still that little girl who has a crush on Jennifer and will continue to have it.

Jennifer Aniston Kaley Cuoco
Source: Metro

Life Comes To A Full Circle For Jennifer Aniston

For Kaley, things feel very surreal at the moment as life has come full circle for her. She said, β€œShe said:

β€œShe was a gem to me then and a gem to me now (and to everyone she knows) funny to see this full-circle moment. You never know where life will take you, or [whose] life you will touch along the way.”

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