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Kamala Harris Gives A Brief Of Joe Biden’s Measures To Control Coronavirus While Donald Trump Continue To Struggle With It !

Joe and Kamala
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Kamala Harris Goes On A Twitter Roll To Lift Joe Biden

Kamala Harris has taken her campaign to the fifth gear on by going on a Twitter roll. This year’s election is more about the digital world than the physical world. She appealed to the people of the US to move away from Trump, who she feels is spineless and doesn’t take chances for his country. However, she put forward her partner and Democrat’s presidential nominee Joe Biden. She said, β€œWe need a competent presidentβ€”one who is willing to listen, willing to lead, take responsibility, have a plan, do their job. @JoeBiden will be that President.”

Joe Biden To Resort To Rapid Test On Day One Of Presidency

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, along with other Democrats, have pointed out the severity of the virus in the US which has reached this level due to Trump. However, instead of just throwing stones to the other end, she also gave a roadmap of what Biden will do as President. As a first point out of the three things he will do on the first day of the presidency, Joe plans to change to rapid testing to get the result as soon as possible. Her tweet said, β€œAs President, @JoeBiden will put his coronavirus plan into effect on day one: Deploy rapid tests with immediate results.”

Joe Biden To Focus On Manufacturing Of PPE Kits And Medical Equipment

With the cases increasing in the US, the healthcare workers are finding themselves short of medical equipment and PPE kits. Due to this, Joe Biden’s next idea for curbing and controlling the virus is to manufacture the necessary PPE kits and medical equipment to protect the healthcare workers. Her tweet further read, β€œManufacture the medical supplies and PPE we need.”

Biden and Trump
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Mandatory Wearing Of Mask To Be The First Thing Under Joe Biden Presidency

Donald Trump is not strict about wearing a mask. In fact, he is the last person to wear the mask when instead, he should be the role model for the US citizens. Now Kamala has made it clear that Joe will make it mandatory to wear masks. She insists people may not like it, but they will be able to protect each other. The last point from her tweet said, β€œImplement a nationwide mandate to wear a maskβ€”in Joe’s words, not as a burden, but to protect each other.”



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