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Kamala Harris Paints A Scary Picture Of Falling Economy As Trump Accepts Nomination In Republican Convention !

Kamala Harris and Donald Trump
Source: Yahoo

Kamala Harris Feels Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Americans

Kamala Harris is shooting everything she has for Donald Trump as he accepted his nomination for the presidential election from the Republican Party. Kamala’s speech comes after the fourth day of the convention. Until now, members of the Trump family dominated the Republican speeches along with other Republicans like Vice President Pence and Pompeo. Kamala tossed up that Trump hardly cares about America and his people. She said, β€œDonald Trump has failed at the most basic and important job of a President of the United States. He failed to protect the American people.”

Kamala Harris Calls Trump As Reckless In Her Speech Before Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Kamala Harris couldn’t have timed her speech with any more perfection as it was done before the acceptance speech from Trump. She was a prosecutor by profession before she turned towards politics. She highlighted Trump as someone who will be known as a reckless person in the legal profession. Kamala said, β€œTrump showed what we, in the legal profession, would call a reckless disregard for the well-being of the American people.”

Kamala Harris Paints A Picture Of Effect Of Donald Trump Policies For Coronavirus

Ms. Harris gave an idea of what the US is about to face as a consequence of what Trump has done and failed to do as a President of the US. She covered everything from a falling economy to the dark future of the students of the US. She said, β€œFor the devastation, it would do to our economy. For the damage, it would do to communities of color who have been subjected to structural racism for generations. For the chaos that would upend our daily lives… make it impossible for many of our kids to go to school… make it impossible to live normally and with certainty.”

Kamala Harris
Source: BBC

Its Donald Trump Against Democrats And Republicans In This Election

This year of election is rather peculiar as it is not just Trump vs Biden or Republicans vs Democrats. In a very rare case, it is also Trump vs Republicans. This is because many Republicans have joined the movement to support Biden. They want to overthrow Trump as they feel he is endangering the democracy of the US.

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