Kamala Harris Bashed Trump After He Tweeted Harris Becoming The First Is An Insult To America. See their responses.
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Kamala Harris Bashed Trump After He Insulted Her On Twitter!

Kamala Harris Bashed Trump After He Insulted Her On Twitter!: Kamala Harris finally responds on Trump saying it would be an insult if she became the first woman of colour to compete for the Vice President. It seems like the two are ready for a Cold War on who deserves to win more.

The Chaos Between Harris and Trump.

Election times brings a lot of drama in any country, but this drama is more significant than any other. And of course, why wouldn’t it be, after all, it Trump and Harris. The two have been going on degrading one another, trying to increase their chances to win.

Trump recently, On September 8th 2020, tweeted something that shook the world. In the tweet, he tried to downgrade Kamala Harris, the candidate for Vice Presidential race. Trump knows for a fact that Harris is a threat to him since she is a woman of colour and will get support from all the blacks, Asians and even non-Trump supporters.

The tweet said that Kamala Harris becoming first women of colour to be the Vice President I’d won would be an insult to the USA. It is one of the most racist things Trump would have said on that day. Trump being Trump.

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Kamala’s Response.

As soon as the comment went viral, People of America were furious about Trump’s racist comment and started trolling him on Twitter. However, Harris didn’t stay quiet too. She had a lot to say again.

She what Kamala had to say after the insult.

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Kamala Harris then, allegedly claimed that during that start of the pandemic, Trump knew that COVID-19 passes from the air. He also knew that it is a dangerous virus. Kamala claimed that Trump knew everything but did nothing and now almost 2 lakh Americans are dead.

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