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Kanye West Bashed Jennifer Aniston For Asking Her Fans Not To Vote Him.

When you just thought things were getting better, Kanye West back again with his drama. Recently Jennifer Aniston encouraged her fans not to vote for Kanye, and people thought that was it. But no it wasn’t, Kanye West clapped back at Aniston in a very sarcastic way, and fans are loving. Kanye West bashed Jennifer Aniston and her iconic series β€˜friends’, calling it not a fun series to watch. Fans are enjoying the drama so far. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West Scandal

After Jennifer Aniston post of Instagram where she asked fans not to vote for many West went viral. Kanye West came forward and spoke on the situation in the most sarcastic manner. Fans are loving the drama and also supporting their favourite celebrity here. However, things are going too much out of the hand when many other celebrities got involved, whereas fans continued keeping their famous star and throwing hate towards the other one.


She was starting with what precisely controversial happened between the two that has created so much chaos. First of, a few days ago, Jennifer Aniston took to her Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself near the ballot. She showed herself voting. Aniston encouraged her fans to vote this year no matter what and shared that she has voted for Biden and Harris. She even shared a lengthy message to educate her fans by saying that this is one of the most critical elections for our lives. And according to her Biden and Harris deserve to win since people in the last few years have encountered racism to an extent.

The Tweet.

Fans were highly motivated by her message to vote this year. However, this is not what got the fans tripping. At the end of the post-Jennifer mentioned something very controversial that has gotten her in trouble. Wonder what she says? Aniston wrote at the end of her caption β€˜P.S- Do not vote for Kanye West, it’s not funny. I don’t know how to put it forward, but this is not a joke so please don’t vote for Kanye West’. We have to clap for the guts, Jennifer has to Bash Kanye West on such a prominent public platform.

Picture via google images.

This vote received a lot of attention from all over the world. It went viral in less than a day with lakhs of people tagging Kanye West in Jennifer’s post. And it looks like that has pissed Kanye. And if you think he just took everything and kept entirely than you are wrong. Kanye West clapped back with more power. West tweeted by saying β€˜Friends was not funny either’ to Aniston’s comment β€˜it’s not funny to vote for Kanye West, I don’t know how else to tell you guys’.


After this, fans started making a lot of assumptions and memes and started throwing hate towards the other celebrities. Some of them being β€˜friends is as funny as Kanye running for the presidential elections’. β€˜As if Jennifer’s friends were funny’ β€˜someone needs to stop this two, we know who we have to vote for, and this is the last thing we want’. It has become a big controversy. What do you think about it?
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