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Kanye West brushed off by a high professional jeweller despite trying for more than a year

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West wanted to buy an exquisite piece of jeweller for his wife, Kim

According to sources, an honourable jeweller rebuffed Kanye West. He tried to buy a stunning work of jeweller for his wife, Kim. However, even after trying for more than a year, he was brushed off.

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In the frame: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The jeweller identifies himself as Joel Arthur Rosenthal. He is an American jeweller settled in Paris and is very picky about his clients. Kanye tried to go after a stunning and rare piece, but the jeweller ignored his calls. The rapper was ready for paying half a million dollars for one of the jeweller’s most sufficient work. JAR is famous for being out of sight and rarely showcase his jewels. “Kanye is desperate to get a piece of jewellery for Kim designed by one of the world’s top jewellery designers, but after trying for almost a year, he had no luck. He can’t seem to catch a break,” said the source.

The jeweller sells his pieces to only top artists and A-listers

The jeweller is one of the most highly professional in his field and takes time to design a single piece. For instance, speculations say that he makes only 70 pieces in a year. Kanye was ignored even after trying for more than a year. It proves how hard it is to get in contact with the jeweller. He was desperate to give his wife a fine jeweller pice worth $500,000. The jewellery designer sells his pieces to only the top 1% of people and some other A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Stephanie Seymour, Salma Hayek, Ellen Barkin, Princess Caroline, etc.

JAR is a notoriously private American jewelery designer who lives in Paris
Man in the picture: Joel Arthur Rosenthal

Kanye has always been in a controversy now and then. The designer does not wish for the special attention given to his work. He prefers to work undisturbed by others. JAR does not even promote his pieces of jewellery. The A-listers and top people have to meet him directly if they are approved. But Kanye cannot visit him as the jeweller hasn’t responded to his calls.

JAR has reserved the rights to refuse a person interested in buying his jewellery. He does not negotiate the price and sell according to his rules. But one thing is for sure, and he despises fame and personal interviews.

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