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Kanye West Feels More At Home In Wyoming While Kim Kardashian Has Her Life In LA !

Kim and Kanye
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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go On A Vacation With Their Kids

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a very fluctuating relationship. Moreover, the ups and downs in their marriage are there for everyone to see as Kanye keeps tweeting about it. However, that has not taken away the fact that the two are still going strong. The couple recently were together for a small vacation with their four kids. During this time, Kim kept us posted about it through her social media platforms. She even reported about the Sunday Service which has restarted in Wyoming.

Kim Kardashian Leaves For LA While Kanye West Stays In Wyoming

Kanye West bought a ranch in Wyoming as he always wanted to settle down there. Now with the elections coming up, he is having a long stay there. Moreover, he loves living in his ranch in Wyoming. On the other hand, Kim has her life in LA. Everything from her multiple brands toΒ  Keeping Up With The Kardashians requires her to be in LA. This is the reason Kim left for LA with kids while Kanye decided to be in Wyoming. As per a close source, Wyoming is where Kanye wants to be.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Fluctuating Relationship

During his election campaign in South Carolina, Kanye West said that he is okay with Kim divorcing him as she gave him kids. Moreover, in a later tweet, he revealed that he was trying to divorce Kim for a year. Kim got really upset with Kanye for his comments and there was some turbulence in their relationship. However, Kim later revealed that it was Kanye’s bipolar disorder that was making him say and tweet unnecessary and controversial stuff. Things eventually got better between the two when the two went for a vacation with their kids.

Source: People

Kanye West And His Presidential Campaign

Kanye is not having a very impressive presidential campaign. He has already missed the ballot deadline of many states and it looks very unlikely that he would win a seat anywhere. However, he somehow still looks optimistic and refers to himself as the future president.

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