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Kanye West gets dumped by his best friends Beyonce and Jay-Z again.

If you think Kanye West wouldn’t get anymore probalmatic then well he did. Kanye west has been in a lot of scandals recently. From running in the preside race and quitting it to tweeting he wanted to divorce wife Kim Kardashian and now his friendship getting over with the singer and legend BeyoncΓ© and his husband Jay Z.

The end of the friendship.

According to the reports from OK, Pop singer and rapper BeyoncΓ© and husband Jay Z has ended because they can’t trust Kanye with their privacy.

BeyoncΓ© and Jay said if Kanye is a guy who can leak chats of mother in law Kris Jenner. Then if needed he can do the same with us, he can sabotage us if needed. They were concerned if Kanye would breach any of their privacy. Beyonce says she has no time for this, she hates the circus he has created around himself and refuses to be part of it.Β She respects her and her family’s privacy and would do anything for that.


For those who don’t know rapper Kanye WestΒ used to work with Beyonce’s husband Jay Z. He was key player in Jay-Z’s music streaming service, Tidal. However heΒ has now left the company over a money dispute. He struggled a lot working with Tidal.Β Kanye West, was reportedly unhappy with the company for a long time, sources told TMZ.

In fact Beyonce and Jay didn’t even attend Kanye’s wedding. Kanye, 41, has beenΒ vocalΒ about how he felt after getting ditching by his best friends for his wedding. He felt betrayed and was really happy because he considered the couple to his best friends

According to the fans, these are also some reasons for this controversial friendship breakups. The friendship had a lot of controversies and scandals from the start to date. However, it had now come to an end.


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