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Kanye West On The Joe Rogan Experience- “I Believe My Calling Is To Be The Leader Of The Free World”

Kanye West On The Joe Rogan Experience- “I believe my calling is to be the leader of the free world,”
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Kanye West, in a recent interview with Joe Rogan on his popular show, The Joe Rogan Experience, opened about his calling to be president.

Kenya West interview with Joe Rogan on The Rogan Experience Podcast
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To watch the interview. Click here! 

Joe Rogan: “What’s Your Platform?”

Just within the first five minutes of Kanye West’s entrance on The Joe Rogan Experience, West declared to Rogan,

“I believe my calling is to be the leader of the free world. ”

Joe Rigan, Podcast The Rogan Experience
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In other words, I meant the president of the United States, referring that the calling was given to him by God.

Rogan responds, “What does that mean, to you? Does that mean you have a plan that’s different that’s been implemented before? What would you do if you were the leader of the free world? What would be different about the way you would handle things? If that’s your plan, what is it about that that is your calling?”

Rogan is inquiring Kanye about what his platform, is an essential question.

Kanye West Respond To The Questions

West proceeds to respond mostly endlessly for the nearly three-hour length of the episode. Also, yet he is not able to layout a presidential platform.

The 2020 President Candidate
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Although, West does talk about some other plans, however, which include:
1.“building a monastery that will then be the future of monasteries,”
2. founding a “gospel university” that will seat 100,000 people in an arena
3. train them “like Russian swimmers” to recite his hymns
4. his contours for an endurable community that will harness the four components to generate power (but that won’t use solar, because of something about Tesla vs Edison.)

Kanye West on The Rogan Experience
Source: vulture.com

Don’t mistake to call any of these thoughts deviations, though; West cleared that when he speaks, it’s a “symphony of ideas.”

Other Things West Talks About

Some other things he made considerations before he is talking about the policy are:
1. The sinking of the Titanic
2. The inventor of the keyboard
3. Whether or not Brandon Lee’s death was a murder conspiracy
4. Edna Mode from The Incredibles
5. The Disney movie Maleficent
6. The Disney movie Tron
7. The scene where Jim Carrey is under the table in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Kanye West, The President Candidate
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So, after all of this, just little over halfway through the interview, West discloses that he is flying to Atlanta multiple times a week, where he is building a soundstage.

Besides, no matter whatever may be in the functions for that soundstage.

The Rogan Experience
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Considering this to be the most relatable thing he said through the interview. In other words, West admits, “I go back and forth on content. Should I work in content?”

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