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Kanye West Praised For His New Single On Racism!

Kanye West in a black background
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Who Is Kanye West?

Kanye West Praised For His New Single On Racism!:Β Kanye West is an American rapper, songwriter, singer and fashion designer.Β The 43-year-old rapper is married to American model Kim Kardashian since 2014, and they have four kids together.

West was born in Atlanta. Since the age of five, West began writing poetries, in third grade, he started rapping, and by the time he was in seventh grade, West made musical compositions. It’s safe to say that Kanye was a gifted rapper since his childhood days.

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Recently, West dropped his recent single ‘Wash Us In The Blood’ and received a lot of appreciation!

Let us dive into the details of this recent single!

Kanye West: Wash Us In The Blood

Kanye launched his new single in the hope to reach out to people and educate them on the racism. The United States of America is in the state of unrest since the past one month after George Floyd got killed in respect to his race.

Wash Us In The Blood Song
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West’s new single refers to the systematic racism in the States with images of the protest. Some critics said that this is West’s best music in years! Some even said that the song represents an apocalyptic version of America and a potent against race and religion.

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The emotional song features Travis Scott, and Kanye West himself has produced the video. You can check out the video here!

Kanye’s New Single: Other Details

After the black lives matter massacre, celebrities donated money in relief funds for all the deceased lives. Some charged the police officers too.

Many black celebrities came forward and slammed President Trump for his racial comments and the police brutality. Some decided to portray their anger into something like a video, dance or a song. Kanye gave a very strong message with his song!

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We hope the lives tarnished due to the BLM movement would find a safe space and racial discrimination should be abolished.

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