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Kanye West Reacted To The Latest Rumours Of Jay-Z Selling His Masters

Kanye West Reacted To The Latest Rumours Of Jay-Z Selling His Masters
Source: Daily Mail

Kanye West Reacted To The Latest Rumours Of Jay-Z Selling His Masters: Kanye West has responded to the recent rumours buzzing around him. It got reported that Jay-Z had sold West masters to regain control.

West seems determined to expose the corruption plaguing in the music industry. For instance, he shared his complete recording track. Kanye also showed resistance in Grammys. No wonders, his twitter is filled with comments.

According To The Rumours Jay-Z Got Ownership Rights Of Kanye’s First 6 Albums

The recent rumours said that Jay-Z was the owner of Kanye’s West first six albums. He bought the Roc-A-Fella imprint. The narrative indicated that he had sold West masters to get his own. It’s a possibility that that Kanye’s 6 albums were the victim of a much bigger deal.

Like it could be at the time when Jay-Z’s share of s Roc-A-Fella got sold to Def Jam. After that, he would have got a chance to regain his albums. Still, many people have stood up for Jay-Z.

Kanye West Is Keeping His Head Cool

Despite the rumours getting stronger and stronger, Kanye is trying his level best to remain calm. He took to his twitter handle to share his opinion. He said that the pop star Jay-Z is just a victim of this cruel system.

“Don’t let the system pit us against each other,” writes Yeezy, sharing a screenshot of Akademiks’ initial report.

“JAY IS MY BROTHER … I have eternal love for all artist that have been through and are still trapped this corrupt system. Jay still doesn’t get his masters back for ten years. I will see to it that we all get our masters.” said Kanye.

West Is Trying To Fix His Relationship with Jay-Z

From his statements, it is clear that Kanye is trying to fix his relationship with Jay-Z. In the past, he had his difference with some other famous personalities such as Drake, J. Cole, Taylor Swift, etc.

Jay-Z has avoided giving a reaction to the current situation. Also, it does not look that he will shortly. However, Kanye West has firmly stood up for what he feels correct,

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