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Kanye West Threatens Not To Release Clothing Line As He Pressurizes For GAP Board Seat!

Kanye West
Source: TMZ

Kanye West Bashes Out To GAP Once Again

Kanye West is not in his complete senses, and his tweets say that very clearly. He had signed a deal with GAP to release his clothing line with the company. However, lately, he is acting weird, probably because of his bipolar order. For the past few months, he is fighting for a seat on the board of GAP and has even threatened to cancel the deal if his needs are not met. Now he has threatened not to release the clothing line until he is made a board member. He tweeted recently, “I’M NOT RELEASING NOTHING ON GAP TILL I’M ON THE BOARD.”

Kanye West
Source: TMZ

Kanye West To Wear Jordans Till He Gets Board Seat In Adidas

Kanye’s a clothing line with GAP planned to release in mid-2021. However, this might not happen if Kanye continues to fight. Another company in trouble with Kanye is Adidas. Kanye also has a deal with Adidas for his shoe brand with Adidas. Now he has declared that he will ditch Adidas and wear Jordans until he gets a board seat with Adidas as well. The two companies might be regretting at the moment on striking a deal with Kanye. He tweeted, “I’M WEARING JORDANS TILL I’M ON THE BOARD OF ADIDAS.”

Kanye West Started With Black Board Seats Matter

As an attempt to combine the Black Lives Matter movement and his fight for a board seat in Adidas and GAP, Kanye released aΒ  campaign called BlackBoard Seats Matter. He attempted to bag a seat on the board of the two companies. However, there is no response from the companies in this regard. The most likely thing to happen is that Kanye and the two companies might end up breaking the deal.

Kanye West
Source: Trapital

Bipolar Disorder Getting The Better Of Kanye

Kanye West is acting very erratic with his tweets that create controversy now and then. The reason it is most probably his bipolar disorder. It is causing problems in this personal and professional life as well with deals on the brink of cancellation and marriage on the verge of divorce.

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