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Kanye’s Alleged Short-Lived Presidential Candidacy!

Kanye & Trump
Source: Daily Mail

Kanye’s Alleged Short-Lived Presidential Candidacy!:Β In no politician’sΒ career, a candidate has lived for only two weeks. Well, our very own rapper Kanye West had planned on running for the Presidential Elections 2020.

However, recently Kanye dropped out of the Elections. It was indeed surprising as Kanye had plans for his America!

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Let us dive into the details of Kanye’s presidential drop.

Kanye Drops Out?

Kanye has allegedly dropped out of the run. With less than two weeks into the run, Kanye decided he doesn’t want to do it anymore! A member of Kanye’s campaign team, Steve Kramer, said:

“He’s out. He’d let everyone know what I know once I get all our stuff cancelled. West’s bid was serious, and 180 people were working in the ground in Florida when the decision was made to call the effort off.”

Kanye in the frame
Source: Washington Post

However, the 43-year-old rapper hasn’t publically announced his withdrawal from the elections.

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Steve Kramer, The Campaign Leader Says

We all know that Kanye was dead serious about his pitch for a Better America, yet, he decided to withdraw from the elections even though a substantial amount of people supported him.
Steve Kramer, the campaign leader, seemed a bit flustered after Kanye allegedly took off his name. Steve said:
“I have nothing good or bad to say about Kanye. Everyone has their personal decision about why they make decisions. Running for President has to be one of the hardest things for someone to contemplate at that level.”
Kanye and Trump
Source: Deadline
Kramer also added:
“The campaign team were working over the weekend there, formalizing the FEC and other things that they’ve got to do when you have a lot of corporate lawyers involved. They had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot, and that whether anybody is going to vote for him or not is up to them.”

Kanye For America!

On 4th of July Kanye announced that he is running for the elections, but soon, he allegedly withdraws from it. Until now, there are no updates over Kanye’s alleged drop from the run.

But, sources say that Kanye thought he wouldn’t win, thus the withdrawal from embarrassment. But, the Presidency is hard, moreover, in times like these, the citizens know who to trust and vote.

Let us know your guesses for Kanye’s alleged withdrawal!


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