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Kara Keough Bosworth Has Gotten A Tattoo In Honor Of Her Newborn Son, McCoy, Who Died Last Month!

Kara Keough Baby
Kara Keough Baby
Kyle Bosworth
Kyle Bosworth

Kara Keough Loses A Child

Kara Keough:- Childbirth is a very painful process and we must understand how it must feel for a mother to lose this kid. She had it in her for 9 months and was obviously looking forward to having the kid, building dreams, and decorating rooms. She must have wanted to raise the kid wise. Sadly, Kara suffered a loss too deep.

Kara Keough is married and happily living with her beloved husband Kyle Bosworth. This is not her first kid but she had a kid before with him. However, the second kid did not make it even a week on this earth. He died under terrible circumstances and this Obviously caused a lot of trauma.

The Details Of The Baby Boy


We know sometimes when women give birth, they go through several complications which are too much. The beautiful baby boy which Kara gave birth to was saving several problems. It could not survive and slowly succumbed to its weakness.

Kara shares a beautiful image on her social media accounts sharing the sad news. She was holding a teddy bear which weighed exactly how much her son was supposed to. She also said it’s also the same size as the hole in her heart.

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A Beautiful Tattoo To Pay Tribute


Kara was deeply saddened by this sudden death. She shared that when he came on this earth, they did not expect to lose him. Some of the well-wishers congratulated her without knowing her loss and it only upset her the most.

She realizes that she is quite privileged to have so much of the support but this does not reduce her pain. She wanted to hold her baby forever and therefore had his initials tattooed.

The baby was named McCoy. The M is nearly tatted on her arms, where she says she helped him. This tattoo is special because the ink is infused with the ashes of the baby.

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