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Karate Kid 4 Makes A Revelation-Daniel LaRusso Was Not The First Student Of Myagi

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Myagi’s FirstΒ  Student Was Not Daniel!

The Karate Kid 4 revealed that Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita) was not the first student of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio).

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Actually, during World War II, Miyagi educated his best friend, decades before Daniel was even born. The Next Karate Kid of 1994 is the third sequel to the original of 1984. It revealed new background details about Mr. Miyagi as well as Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank), his new protege.

The Next Karate Kid is set ten years after Mr. Miyagi met Daniel-san in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It taught the teenager to beat Cobra Kai dojo members. Miyagi travelled to Boston to receive a Presidential award in this new chapter. His Japanese-American World War II unit, the 442nd Infantry Regiment, was honored in a ceremony of pomp and circumstance. Together with Louisa Pierce (Constance Towers), the wife of Lt. Jack Pierce, one of the commanding officers of the unit.

Miyagi, a previous Medal of Honor recipient, won the accolade. While living in Boston, Mr. Miyagi met Julie, the granddaughter of Louisa and Jack. She was orphaned after her parents both died in a car crash. Julie had been robbed of sorrow and resentment, so Miyagi wanted to look after her. Miyagi took an extra special interest and wanted to continue her training in Miyagi-Do karate. When the sensei discovered that Julie had learned karate from her grandparents.

Fans Assumed Mr. Myagi Did not Teach Anyone Before Daniel

Until meeting Daniel LaRusso, Karate Kid fans had previously assumed that Mr. Miyagi had not trained anyone in karate. Because the elderly Japanese man had been a very private loner for much of his life. But it was discovered by The Next Karate Kid that the younger Miyagi had a previous student: Lt. Jack Pierce. As Miyagi told Julie, during World War II, her grandfather saved Miyagi ‘s life. Miyagi trained Jack in Miyagi-Do karate in order to repay him. Jack “loved karate.” Miyagi was just around 19 or 20 in 1944-1945. He had just fled to the United States from Okinawa in 1940 to escape a war to death with his oldest friend-turned-rival, Sato Toguchi (Danny Kamekona). Jack Pierce was most likely the first person he ever trained in Miyagi-Do karate. Miyagi learned from his father, because Miyagi was so young.

When Julie told Mr. Miyagi that when she was young, her father taught her karate. He learned from his father, Jack, it cinched the sensei’s desire to continue the training of the teenage girl. Particularly because it was difficult for Miyagi to reach her and break her rage. After all, since Julie had already studied Miyagi. It basically meant that she was already implicitly a student of Miyagi. Indeed, Julie brought some advantages to the table that Daniel-san did not. Pierce was much more naturally athletic than LaRusso. Miyagi was not expected to start from scratch, as he had to for Daniel, because she had already mastered the basics. The training methods of Miyagi for Julie were different. Especially spending two weeks in a Buddhist monastery, were both more advanced and more esoteric than the way Daniel taught.

Myagi And Daniel Connection

Mr. Miyagi was reluctant to get involved in Daniel’s troubles and train him. As Karate Kid fans know, and it was only after Miyagi realized how much adversity LaRusso was experiencing with Cobra Kai that he took the kid as his pupil.

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Otherwise, Mr. Miyagi had no intention to teach others in the karate of his family. As he actually detests aggression and hates every instance he had to resort to it.

But Miyagi was a different man in The Next Karate Kid who found his life enriched by knowing Daniel. LaRusso had become more than his student and was his best friend. Miyagi hoped that Julie would forge the same connection. Mr. Miyagi was more open to the concept of training Julie Pierce in The Next Karate Kid ten years after meeting LaRusso, It continued how learning Miyagi-Do karate is a generational act that was transferred from parent to child.

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