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Karate Kid Characters Who Appear In Cobra Kai

Karate kid

One of the fun stuff for fans of the original Karate Kid film was to see the characters coming back to the Cobra Kai series like these 10.

Let’s start with the prominent leading roles and work our way through supporting characters, including those whose return fans were most expecting.

1. Johnny Lawrence

I’m never going to forget my initial reaction when I began watching the first season of Cobra Kai. I had no idea that I had posted it on YouTube for the first time since it became a Netflix original film. I wasn’t sure that I believed The Karate Kid’s concept was being made into a movie, but when I saw William Zabka back as Johnny Lawrence? Sold! Sold!

He was the main adversary in The Karate Kid, practically the student star of his dojo and the master of his fellow Cobra Kais. But in the series, he’s not wearing his black headband or the Cobra Kai red jacket he’s wearing in the movie.

2. Daniel LaRusso

Other Karate Kids, such as Hilary Swank in The Next Karate Kid, or Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid Remake 2010.

However, the original will still be the first Ralph Macchio to come to life in 1984: Daniel LaRusso.

He was in the franchise’s first three movies, and much like Johnny, he’s all grown up and back in the Cobra Kai series.

3. John Kreese

In all three Karate Kid movies, Martin Kove played Kreese, the Cobra Kai Dojo’s evil sensei. He’s back in the series, too, and he’s meaner than ever before.

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4. Lucille LaRusso

Daniel’s enthusiastic and optimistic wife, played by Randee Heller, also stars in a couple of scenes. But she drives Daniel’s wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), a little crazy.

5. Bobby Brown

In season 2, Ron Thomas is coming back as Bobby, one of Johnny’s former cobra kai buddies from high school. However, he was the nicest of the lot even though he was the one in The Karate Kid who defied Kreese’s instruction to knock Daniel’s knee in the All Valley.

It was clear, though, that he felt terrible about it. He collapsed to his knees and apologized profusely, then threw his black belt at Kreese’s feet and fled the tournament.


Is it the pivotal point of his life that sent him to religion? In Cobra Kai, he is now a preacher and a voice of reason trying to help Johnny make better choices.

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