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Kate Garraway EMOTIONAL VIDEO on opening up about husband battling with the DEADLY VIRUS.

Kate Garraway, an English broadcaster and journalist, recently has confessed to the public about her life struggles. She mentions that her husband, Derek Draper, is in a critical condition during this time of the global pandemic. Derek Draper was taken to the hospital in March after contracting coronavirus. Both Kate and Derek had not ever imagined what was waiting for them on the way. Derek soon began experiencing chronic split headache and numbness in his right hand. The struggle was so hard that he had to voluntarily place himself in a coma, at his own request.Β  He wanted his lungs to get some rest. Since then, Derek has been in the hospital. Doctors have informed the family he will not be discharged before September under any circumstances.

Derek Draper has successfully conquered the devil’s virus!!

In the interview, Kate says, “grateful that he’s still here.” Along with it, she also confirms that Derek has successfully conquered the virus but is still in a serious condition. He has been affected from the top of his head to the tiptoe. His struggle with the virus, along with the immense health issue, totally wreaked him. It has damaged his body, and it is unknown to the family if Derek would ever recover from the damage. However, after the video was posted, recent sources say Derek is in a “stable” condition now.

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Kate Garraway poured her love for her kids.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper with their two lovely kids.

Kate Garraway, in her recent interview, spoke about her grief and her own personal struggle caused by Derek’s untimely health deterioration. She then told the ITV programme about the struggle and how she had to put a brave face and go on with life for the sake of her two lovely kids, Darcey and Billy. She says, ” I just have to think, I need to make them feel safe, they have lost for the time being – let’s pray for their dad and he’s their world, so they need to see that their mum is OK”. Doctors are still unsure about Derek’s health status, but Kate has a hope in her heart and is all set to begin to return to normality soon.

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