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Kate Gosselin Celebrates Her Son’s Braces Getting Off!

Kate Gosselin with Aaden
Source: Daily Mail

Kate Gosselin Celebrates Her Son’s Braces Getting Off!:Β It’s no secret thatΒ Braces are uncomfortable and usually hard to handle. And, when the doctor removes it, there is celebration and happiness all around!

Similarly, Kate Gosselin, the 45-year-old mom of eight, recently celebrated the last braces-off party for one of her sextuplets Aaden, who turned sixteen in May. It was the final braces-off celebration for them because Aaden was the last one to get them.

Kate Gosselin in the frame
Source: Yahoo

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Let us dive into the details of this ‘braces-off’ party!

The Party!

On Monday i-e 13th July, Kate took Instagram to tell everyone about the braces-off party. She Wrote:

“Braces are a thing of past in this house! FINALLY! Yay us!”

To celebrate this, Kate baked a cake for Aaden that she topped with candies. On the cake, she made a face decorated with candies, and there were more candies beside it, including liquorice and snickers.

Aaden Gosselin
Source: MSN

The Pennsylvania native shared two photos, one of the cake and other of the sextuples she shares with Jon Gosselin. The cake represents a teenager with twizzled hair and glasses.

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The Last Of Us!

Kate and her sextuplets are by far, one of the famous teenagers. All of her kids were braces free, excluding Aaden. However, on Monday, Aaden officially became the last Gosselin to get the braces off!

Kate's sextuplets
Source: People.com

Kate finally said goodbye to the struggles of braces after Aaden got it removed! It is one of the proudest moment for the mom of eight.

More than a year back, Kate’s son Joel got his braces removed, Kate, even then celebrated the second last braces removal for him!

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Kate Plus Eight!

Kate plus eight, the reality show where the officials covered the lives of Kate Gosselin and her eldest twins and the sextuplets! The show became a sensation, and the mom of eightΒ received a good run.

Kate Gosselin with family
Source: Daily Mail


However, in 2009, Kate and Jon got divorced. It created lots of differences between the couple and even the sextuplets. Sources say that Colin and Hannah live with their father, Jon.

While Hannah speaks with her mom and siblings, Colin doesn’t speak to any of them. On mothers day, Colin thew shade at Kate as he praised Jon’s girlfriend Coleen for being more than a mother to him!



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