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Kate Middleton And Prince William Reveal The Problems Of Two-Year-Old Prince Louis During Quarantine !

Prince William, Kate And Prince Louis
Source: People

Kate Middleton Goes Candid About Coronavirus And Quarantine

Kate Middleton And Prince William: Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the face of the earth. It has changed the way people interact with each other. One would think it is easy for the Royal Family, who has people to assist them. Kate Middleton, however, talked about the same in a candid talk. She said, β€œSometimes these feelings may be good, but sometimes they may be uncomfortable, and we feel worried, angry or upset. Being unable to see your friends or spend time with your family will undoubtedly be frustrating for you, just as it is for them. It’s been a really difficult time for us all. But it’s important to know that these feelings and frustrations are totally normal and that they won’t last forever.”

Prince William and His Three Kids
Source: Insider

Kate And Prince William Talk About Their Hectic Life With Son Prince Louis

Kate and Prince William opened up about their two-year-old son Louis. They revealed that Prince Louis loves video calling and has some special affinity towards the red button of video calling. Prince William revealed, β€œFor some reason, he sees the red button, and he always wants to press the red button.” Kate also talked about her son and said, β€œIt’s so true. And I think your father and my parents and our families… I have really loved keeping in touch with the children because it’s really hard. It gets a bit hectic; I am not going to lie, with a 2-year-old.”

Prince Louis Is Not In Line With Social Distancing, Says, Kate

Kate revealed that Prince Louis is having a hard time with coronavirus and quarantine as he does not like the idea of social distancing. Kate talked about it and said, β€œI was just saying, Louis doesn’t understand social distancing. So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything, particularly any babies younger than him.”

Prince William, Kate And Prince Louis
Source: People

Kate Has A Hard Time Feeding Her Kids

Kate Middleton And Prince William have three kids. The eldest kid is Prince George, who is six years old. Next comes Princess Charlotte, who is five years old. There youngest kid Prince Louis is only two years old. Kate agreed that her kids are always hungry, and she feels like a feeding machine. She said, β€œMy children have bottomless pits. I feel like a constant feeding machine.”


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