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Kate Middleton Helped James Middleton To Overcome Depression!

James Middleton and Kate Middleton
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The Family Of Royal Stigmas

Kate Middleton Helped James Middleton To Overcome Depression!: The British Royal family serves to be one of the most talked families in the world. The sophistication and overtly debatable ‘royal rules’ have entertained us for almost a century.

Over the years, some royal protocols got altered. But with Queen Elizabeth II still being under reign, some rules, however, are still the same.

However, in the past, Prince Harry has been vocal about his experience with his staggering mental health, since then the royal family became more open to stigmas like this. Kate Middleton’s younger brother James Middleton has been a victim of depression for a long time.

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However, recently, James revealed how Kate helped him go through his darkest phase. Let’s dive into the details of James Middleton’s journey!

James’ Journey With Depression

Regardless of how forward a family is, depression is something which proves to be a barricade in relationships. Though Prince Harry was vocal about his struggle with depression, James couldn’t find the nerve to do it.
In James case, he could not do anything during his struggle with depression until Kate helped him a year ago. In an interview, he said,
“I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t read a book, or watch a film and, eat anything.”
James’ depression pulled him off everyone, but it was hard. Soon, his family started noticing that something was not right with James; that’s when he spilt the beans.

Kate Middleton Helped James Middleton To Overcome Depression

Kate Middleton has always been close to her family. Thus, when she saw her younger brother go through the darkest phase of his life, she stood up with him and helped him overcome it!

Kate Helps James Overcome Depression
Source: Today Show

When James started therapy, Kate and her family went to therapy sessions with James so that he doesn’t feel alone.Β In a recent essay, the 33-year-old James revealed that Kate gave him the best birthday gift he could’ve ever imagined!

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Since his youth, James was fond of beekeeping and Kate, being a dear sister, got him a meadow of the beehive at his family home. This beehive resulted in James celebrating his life and being happy all over again! All thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton!

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