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Kathie Lee Gifford Reaction To The Viral Celebrity Family Feud Of Sons-In-Law

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Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts To The Viral Celebrity Family Feud

Kathie Lee Gifford Reaction To The Viral Celebrity Family Feud Of Sons-In-Law: In a clip that later went viral, Kathie Lee Gifford reacts after seeing her son-in-law. He was wearing tight pants during their appearance on “Celebrity Family Feud.”

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Just days after Ben Wierda, who is married to Gifford’s daughter Cassidy and happens to be the nephew of the United States, Gifford stopped by Andy Cohen’s “Catch What Happens Live!” show this week. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos went viral over the weekend when he was spotted in tight pants on ‘Family Feud’. He was exposing his bulge. On Twitter, a clip was posted, and it went viral.

Appearing on Tuesday night on “Watch What Happens Live,” Kathie Lee was asked if she had seen the viral moment when Andy Cohen seemed to know he was revealing a little too much. Cohen did not hesitate to bring up the Gifford moment.

Kathie Lee Responds To The Viral Video

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“Kathie Lee, before we go to break, I have to ask you,” he said. “You were on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ last week with your family. Have you seen the little moment that is going viral of your son-in-law realizing that his pants are incredibly tight?”

Gifford had some fun with her response to the Bravo host after rolling her eyes.

“Yes, I have, it’s hard to miss it. I’m sorry, but I’m glad it’s not my son,” she exclaimed with a laugh. “It’s Cassidy’s husband, who I adore, but none of us realized it. We were playing a game, for goodness sakes, and we got very, very excited about it,Β obviously.”

Gifford went on to say that her daughter said something about the pants to Ben beforehand, noting that they were “awfully tight”. But he thought they looked perfect. She continued,” They woke up the next day after the ads aired.

“It couldn’t happen to two better [people] β€” he’s an incredible, good guy,” she went on to say. “And he’s got one of the best β€” they’ve both have an outrageous sense of humor. We all do in our family. And all they’ve been doing is laughing about it ever since. So it’s all good.”

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