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Katie Holmes’ Boyfriend Is A Cheater? Find Out Here!

Katie Holmes and BF showing PDA

Katie Holmes’ Boyfriend Cheated On Her Ex-Fiancee

Katie Holmes’ Boyfriend Is A Cheater? Find Out Here!: Did you hear anything? Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx broke up. A new guy named Emilio Vitolo, a chef at a swanky NYC restaurant as well has moved on with her.Β  Katie and Emilio seem smitten if there is any sign for those latest pictures of them on cuddling each other. But reports now say Emilio had a relationship with another girl and broke things off with his Fiancee without telling her about Katie.

The love story was confirmed when Sources said the 41-year-old actress was spotted in New York last week on a romantic date with Vitolo. He had reportedly collaborated on a recent indie film with her. During a Peasant Restaurant dinner date in Manhattan, she sat on his lap. They were again spotted participating in a PDA session outside Emilio’s Ballato, a popular restaurant in Nolita where Vitolo works.

Emilio was engaged to designer Rachel Emmons for a whopping 18 months, according to The Daily Mail. He reportedly broke up with her two days before the cosy pics of him and Katie hit the site.

Β Dumped FianceeΒ Her Over Text

Katie Holmes’ BF dumps her Fiancee over text

Six weeks ago, 24-year-old designer Rachel Emmons posted a picture with her fiance Vitolo. According to her friends, he dumped her via text.

β€œUp to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on,” a friend of Rachel’s told the outlet.

β€œHe is a cheater, and this isn’t a β€˜happy ending’ story. They had concrete wedding plans in the works…now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.”

Another friend of Rachel’s spoke to The Sun and said that Rachel considers “bizarre and disappointing” the whole ordeal. The source said,

“she thinks it’s rude to be so public,” adding that “Rachel thinks Emilio should have been more straightforward and dealt with it like a gentlemen and face-to – face.”

Rachel did not speak to him after he abruptly ended their engagement following over 18 months.

The question is whether Katie knew about his girlfriend and the engagement.

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