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Katie Holmes Current Boyfriend Was Engaged Before They Became Close!

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Katie Holmes Current Boyfriend Was Engaged Before They Became Close! Love and breakup nowadays happen simultaneously. If separation happens on one side, love starts on the other side. Connecting with people has become easy. Therefore people end their relationship in a straightforward manner with a simple text. Katie Holmes current boyfriend has also done the same thing with his ex-fiance


Planting a smooch: Katie leans over for a passionate kiss while the young chef holds on to his coffee
Katie and Vitolo were outside a restaurant

Broke Up Through Text

Katie Holmes’ current boyfriend was in a relationship with Emmans, a designer. He broke up with her through text after the photos of him and Holmes were released. Their relationship came to light when they were spotted outside the restaurant Peasant in New York last week. Vitolo is a chef at the Emilio Ballato restaurant in New York. He has pictured with famous frequenters of the restaurant

Emmon’s Friend’s Confession

Her friend revealed that he turned a cheater and it was not a happy ending for her. The friend says it was not a happy ending for her. ‘ They had concrete wedding plans in the works…now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.’ she says

Instagram Photos

Emmons' Instagram was, until recently, a far more personal affair filled with sweet pictures of her and Vitolo together and protestations of love
Emmons and Vitolo together

Emmons and Vitolo were together for three years; their love for each other was incomparable. Moreover, they even got married in the hush and told their fans via INSTAGRAM.

In a bar, both are looking at each other lovingly, and it shows the Emmons engagement ring. She writes ” My number one future husband and love of my life.”

Other photos show her bridal dress and their puppy Frank. They have bought this together in May. Last month also she had posted a photo and wrote ‘You are my favourite part of life and I will love you forever.’ Her friend lastly reveals that she has been traumatized after the breakup


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