Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo are Obsessed With Each Other. Couple Caught Kissing In Central Park! Check it out now!
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Katie Holmes & Emilio Vitolo Are Obsessed With Each Other! Couple Caught Kissing In Central Park!

Katie Holmes & Emilio Vitolo Are Obsessed With Each Other! Couple Caught Kissing In Central Park!: Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo and been making the headlines recently for the new adorable relationship. They are once again having a PDA session in New York City on Monday.

Katie Holmes And Emilio Vitolo Dates

They have been captured many times in the last few weeks with being cosy, holding hands and even kissing. The two are not at all hiding their relationship; in fact, they are everywhere together.

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On Thursday evening, the pair had their little sweet picnic date together. They spent their time away from the world all alone having fun laughing, giggling, etc. After their date, they hooked up several times.

Park Date


From what the fans saw,Β they were all over each otherΒ during their ventral park date. They leaned into each and Katie wrapped an arm aroundΒ Vitolo’s back. At the same time, they sat on a park bench with a level of closeness and intimacy that can only be described adequately with ridiculous words like “canoodling.”



Soon after the pictures came up on the internet, they went viral breaking the internet. Fans went crazing with the concept of them hooking up, as many adoring the couple and some showing hate for having fun and going out in pandemic.


On Monday the couple was captured again walking down the streets holding hands. The two looked happy with one another, after walking a few miles holding hands the two steps down together in a red car and left.

Emilio wore a blue sweatshirt with dark blue jeans and a black blazer on the top. He kept the look subtle and wore formal shoes. As for Katie, she wore a white full sleeves top with sweatpants and a beige blazer from the top.

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