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Katie Holmes Shares A Passionate Kiss With Emilio Vitolo While Dining At A Restaurant!

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Katie Holmes Shares A Passionate Kiss With Emilio Vitolo While Dining At A Restaurant!: Katie Holmes is frequently on the news nowadays. She wat several places with her new boyfriend. She is enjoying and spending quality time with him.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo, embargoed until 7pm pst 9/8
Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo

Spotted At Restaurant

Last weekend, she was photographed with Emilio while they were having dinner at a restaurant. The photo showed the actress sitting upon him, and they were passionately kissing at their table. Emilio had his arms around her waist throughout the night. That sounds romantic!

They dressed simplistically. While Katie was wearing a white t-shirt and denim jeans, Emilio wore a white v-neck t-shirt and a newsboy hat.

Anyways this is not the first time they are spotted together. On Sept 4, Katie Holmes was having a chat with him at New York City Restaurant Antique Garage. They spent time talking and exchanging jokes with each other. Katie looked happy with him.

Emilio Is An Actor

Email is the chef and owner of the famous restaurant Emilio Ballato. His dad has started it in the early 90s. It is favourite among celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Rihanna, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bieber and many more. It seems that Katie is not the only celebrity Emilio knows. From his Instagram posts, we come to see that he is friendly with many stars. Emilio is close to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and has also attended their wedding. Going through his social media profiles, we come to know that he is also an actor.

He has worked in projects such as Royal Pains, Tapestry and A Crime To Remember are a few to mention.

Not Officially Announced

Katie Holmes always keeps her personal life to herself and has not revealed or commented on anything regarding it. But since the photographs and news are on light, she might think of showing it. Let’s wait for it

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