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Katie Holmes Turns to Her Former Husband Tom Cruise for Help

katie holmes
katie holmes

Recently Katie Holmes and the “Mission Impossible 7” actor, Tom Cruise broke off their relationship. Their relationship was turning toxic, and Katie decided that it is better to end it. According to sources, they reached on mutual consent. However, Katie is now in a difficult and humiliating situation.

What made Katie Holmes turning for help from her ex-husband Tom Cruise?

The coronavirus outbreak has hit everyone around the world. The glamour industry also faced the brunt because of the pandemic. Katie Holmes financial status is deeply affected by it too. She was adamant and proud enough to ask for help from her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. The ex-couple shares a daughter Suri from their marriage. However, the communication between them was dead. She has now run out of money and turns to Cruise for help. Katie also has to support and look after her child Suri. Suri is still a teenager girl. She had long term no contact with her father after her parents’ separation. Suri is also the youngest child of the famous actor Tom Cruise.

This is what Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looks like - Code List
Katie Holmes, along with her ex-husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri.

Holmes also has to bear the expenses of her daughter Suri alone.

Katie, the 41-year-old actress, was taking care of her daughter all by herself.Β  She has to bear all the expenses of her as well as Suri. But because of the hard times, she has no other option than turning to her former husband. She isn’t earning enough from any TV shows or movies currently. Her monthly expenses are too much for her to bear. Many reports have revealed that it was decided that she would get the US $400,000 a year to raise her daughter. Though Katie claims that she did not get the money.

Before the COVID 19 takes over the world, she had no difficulty in meeting her regular expenses. She has made piles of money from commercials and shows. Due to lockdown, her work was affected, and she wasn’t getting enough income. Katie also separated from the actor Jamie Foxx recently. Without any support, she is desperate to make her ends meet.

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