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Katy Perry Finds Her Greatest Teacher ! It’s None Other Than Orlando Bloom !

Katy and Orlando
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Katy Perry Has A Frictional Relationship With Orlando Bloom

The two are head over heels in love with each other, and they have a baby to mark their love for each other. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are now parents to their beautiful girl Daisy. However, now an interview with Katy Perry has come out, which she recorded before her delivery. In the interview, she revealed her relationship with her fiancΓ© Orlando Bloom. She said, “‘It is a healthy, frictional, very open, very communicative [relationship]. Nothing is swept under the mat… even to the point where it’s like we should probably walk into the other room if we’re going to discuss something where we disagree because we’ll just do it in public.”

Katy and Orlando
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Katy Perry Feels Her Greatest Teacher Would Be Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry revealed that she and Orlando argue a lot, but that doesn’t come as a problem in their relationship. Instead, it helps her to gain perspective and move ahead with a better understanding of various things. It is the same way with Orlando as well. She said, “But if we can get to the end of our lives together, we’ll be each other’s greatest teachers. Dating is different, weekend lovers, that’s fun. That’s candy. This is solid. This is like the main course.”

Katy Perry Is Excited To Give Her Unconditional Love To Daughter Daisy

Since the interview was before giving birth, Katy revealed what her feeling is going into the final phase of pregnancy. And she gave the most candid answer that she is waiting to pour her love towards the kid she will have. She said, “[I’m] just excited for a new adventure, and really grateful that I’ve been able to live already such a great life. It’s not all peachy keen jelly bean, let’s be honest. But I’m excited for this human to come in and have an unconditional love bond [with].”

Orlando Bloom Doesn’t Want A Divorce From Katy Perry.

Orlando Bloom was previously married to Miranda Kerr, and their marriage lasted for three years before going separate ways. Katy Perry is also a divorcee who was earlier married to comedian Russell Brand. However, even that ended in divorce after one year. Orlando revealed in a previous interview that he doesn’t want a second divorce and is happy with what he has with Katy Perry.

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