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Katy Perry : Singer Gives A Sneak-Peek Into Her Baby’s Room During A Smile Sunday Stream !

Katy Perry
Source: YouTube

Katy Perry Shows The Room Of Yet-To-Be-Born Baby

Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in March and has kept her fans in the loop regarding her pregnancy. Katy’s latest album Smile is yet to release which got pushed due to some production delays. Her fans were very disappointed with this, and she decided to make up for it with Sunday live streams called Smile Sunday. During the latest stream, Katy gave a sneak peek into the room of her yet-to-be-born baby. Her fans were very excited to see how Katy Perry was sharing everything with her fans.

Source: YouTube

What Is There In Store For Katy Perry’s Baby

Katy Perry’s child would be one of the luckiest as her parents are making sure she has everything even before she comes to the world. Katy said during the latest Smile Sunday stream, “Hey, everyone, I’m going to show you my baby room.” From the video, fans could make out that the room was entirely pink. She also showed the clothes for the baby gave a sneak-peek into the baby’s crib and rocking chair. Then as a surprise, she showed an outfit of the baby that had Orlando’s face printed all over it.

Katy Perry Is Learning How To Be A Mom

Katy Perry is new to motherhood and is still in the process of learning. She revealed in her appearance in The Graham Norton Show about her thought process behind becoming a mom. She said, “Kids gravitate towards me through my music, so I am used to them. But I am not used to being woken up really early in the morning by them staring at me from the side of my bed!” With the efforts that Katy is putting, her fans are sure that she will be a great mom.

Katy Perry
Source: YouTube

Katy Perry Is Not Worried About The Pain During Pregnancy

Unlike other pregnant women, Katy Perry is not worried about the pain she will go through during pregnancy. She feels it is temporary, and her love for the baby will make her forget the pain. Katy said, “The pain will pass. It’s temporary.” Looks like she is all set to bring her baby to this world.

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