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Katy Perry : Smile Singer Evolves From Writing Songs Through Pain And Sorrow Post Pregnancy !

Katy Perry
Source: Apple Music

Katy Perry Is Surprisingly Having The Best Year

Katy Perry is having the best time in her life as a lot of positive things are happening in her life. She is pregnant at this point and is enjoying her time preparing for the arrival of the baby. Moreover, she is with her fiancΓ© Orlando Bloom and the two are gearing up for their wedding which will take place next year. On the professional front, her new album β€˜Smile’ will release later this month. Even with the coronavirus ruining the year for most of the people, Katy Perry is having a blast both at a personal and professional level.

Katy Perry
Source: Apple Music

Katy Perry Talks About Getting Clarity After 30

Katy Perry revealed that before 30, she was in a very bad place mentally. However, after reaching 30, she was able to comprehend the state of her mind. She said, β€œAll things start to change in your 30s, but there’s so much clarity that comes from it as well. I was getting pretty high off my own supply for a long time, and then it just didn’t work after Witness.” Witness was Katy’s fifth album that came out in 2017.

Katy Perry Is Not Able To Write Songs From Her Pain

Katy revealed her earlier processing of songwriting where she used to write when she felt depressed and sad. She used to use her sorrow to write and make songs. However, now this process is not working for her. She said, β€œThe older you get, the more real-life gets, and the harder it gets to hold onto the pain that helped you create. No longer is that pain helping you create songs.” Looks like Katy is finally at a place in life where she is much happier with a baby coming on the way.

Katy Perry
Source: People

Katy Perry Battled Depression By Writing Songs On It

Katy Perry further revealed that whenever she felt depressed due to breaking up or any other reason, she just used to write songs on it. Surprisingly, she feels better and is able to overcome her depression as well. She said, β€œI used to really be able to fix my depression or my bouts of depression by just going, ‘I’m going to write a freaking song,’ or, ‘I’m going to do this. So blah, blah, blah. I’m going to whatever.”

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