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Katy Perry Tweets To Break Misconceptions After Becoming A Mother!

Katy Perry
Source: Apple Music

Katy Perry Breaks A Popular Misconception

Katy Perry is a very hardworking woman who puts her heart and soul into making music. That became very clear when she released her album Smile roughly a month ago. Even with an album release this year, the high point for her remains the birth of her daughter Daisy. It was commendable of her to release her album one day after she went into labour and delivered her kid. She recently took to Twitter to highlight that it is a misconception that being a mom is not a full-time job. She tweeted:

β€œPopular misconception: being a mom isn’t a full-time job.”

Source: Apple Music

Katy Perry Underlines The Difficulty Of Being A Mom

Katy Perry has gained a lot of perspective about ever since getting pregnant. Her mindset has completely changed ever since she became a mom. Now Katy has become the flag bearer for moms around the world and wants to give them the credit they deserve. After becoming a mom, she understands as to what goes into being a mom. Her next tweet said:

β€œpart 2: when a mom finally goes back to work (whatever profession they do) it’s not like they been coming from months of β€œtime off…” she’s coming from a full-time job… of being a mom, lol.”

Katy Perry Wants You To Call Your Mom

Katy Perry is going all out to extend her support to all moms around the world. She asked all her fans to call their mom and express their love. Moreover, she even asked them to put forward the idea of paid family leave for mothers so that they can take the time of raising the family and spend some leisure time. She tweeted:

β€œPart 3: call your mom and tell her you to love and appreciate her and advocate for paid family leave!”

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry Loves Her Job

Katy Perry is someone who loves music, and this is why she is so successful in her field. After a series of tweets explaining the hard work of a mother, Katy ended the tweets by expressing the love she has for her job. She said:

β€œPart 4. I love my job.”

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