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Keeley Bunker Was Raped & Murdered By A ‘Trusted Friend’

Keeley Bunker Memorial
Source: Metro

Keeley Bunker Was Raped & Murdered By A ‘Trusted Friend’:Β Since childhood, we’ve been taught that friends are the ones we should trust. But, what happens when the friend you trusted, rapes and murders you?

That’s right, 20-year-old Keeley Bunker was raped and murdered by a boy she thought was her friend.

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Let’s dive into the details of this brutal incident.

A Friend In Need, Is A Friend In Deed!

Wesley Streete and Keeley Bunker were friends for a long time. While returning from a concert, Wesley told the victim’s best friend that he’d drop her safely. However, while walking on the road, Wesley reported raped her and strangled her to death.

Keeley Bunker in the frame

Her uncle found Keeley’s body, with her clothes in disarray, hidden under branches in a pool in Woodland, Tamworth on 19th September 2019.

But, Wesley denied the allegation and told the court that they were saying ‘lie after lie’ and that Keeley was alive when they parted ways.

Reportedly, Keeley and her friend went for a rap concert, and after a night of partying, her friend offered her to stay at her house. But Keeley, despite being drunk, wanted to sleep in her bed. Keeley said:

“I’ve got Wes, Wes lives near me. Wes will walk me back, and it’ll be fine.”

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Lie After Lie?

While Wesley denies raping Keeley, the medical evidence says something else. A post-mortem exam confirms that Wesley Streete’s DNA was found on the victim’s body.

The officials arrested Streete an hour after they found the victim’s body. At that time, Wesley claimed that they parted ways at a telephone box, but later told that he lied.

Keeley Bunker
Source: Metro

However, Streete later said that he had consensual sex with Keeley, and she accidentally died when Streete held her around the neck. But, the reports say that there were defensive wounds on Bunker’s body.

During the case, the prosecutor said:

“Because of the truth, we suggest on behalf of the prosecution, was that he had taken Keeley Bunker’s life and he had sexually assaulted her. She, a young woman, who trusted him.”

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Old Habits Die Hard!

Well, Wesley Streete is not innocent after all. Streete is also accused of two counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, and charge of sexual activity with a child, against three other victims.

These cases happened in the previous years, but Streete denies the charges. However, Streete is still facing charges for his crimes and Keeley’s family, friends and lawyers are working day and night to get justice for her.

We hope Keeley’s family is dealing with the loss of their child. Rest in Peace Keeley Bunker.

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