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Kelly Rowland Was Hesitant To Announce She Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

Source: Us Weekly

Kelly Rowland Was Initially Afraid To Share The News Of Her Second Pregnancy

via Women’s Health

Music star Kelly Rowland acknowledged that she was not initially keen to share the details with her partner, Tim Weatherspoon, about expecting her second little one.
In October 2020, the singer and actress announced that she and Weatherspoon had a second dad and wife. The couple already shares a son β€” Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, 5.
By exchanging a range of photographs from her Women’s Health cowl shoot, Rowland made her announcement. The cowl photograph shows Rowland wanting to rock a burned orange costume with tiny braces away from the digital camera. In several photos, she further verified her rising child bump.

Although Rowland seemed more than happy with her being pregnant, she shared several reasons why she was afraid to share the data with the world, especially her huge fan base.

Rowland acknowledged that the timing was not something she or Weatherspoon anticipated for her upcoming baby. She said that the couple were considering having another child before the coronavirus pandemic affected the world. Rowland said she became pregnant quicker than any of them planned.

Rowland said she felt strange, sharing her pleasure after analysing her results. When many people deal with challenging occasions, one item she wanted to have fun out loud, though, was her central second life. Because it’s one item, she and her household are passionate about.

β€œYou still want to remind people that life is important,” Rowland mentioned. And with the ability to have a baby… I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means so much to me.”

Kelly Was Apprehensive And Thought She Would Upset Her Followers

Source: Good Morning America

In addition to being obsessed with the current state of the planet, Rowland thought about the feelings of her followers before she introduced her pregnancy. Since she launched Talk a Good Game in 2013, the singer’s fans have been eager to release a brand new album. At the same time, she has debuted several tracks, along with “COFFEE” in April 2020 and “Crashing into Me” to watch her album.

Rowland said she knew most of her followers expected her to announce a brand new album, but hoped she would be just as excited to find out about the latest addition to her household.

β€œI was thinking, Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed.…They wanted an album first, but they got a baby!” Rowland mentioned. β€œAnd I was like, β€˜I have to figure this out, so they get both.’”

She received a variety of well-wishes from her celebrity peers and friends once Rowland expressed her pleasure on social media. Besides, BeyoncΓ© and her contacts shared their happiness with Rowland online.

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