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Kim Jong-un Is Seriously Ill After Heart Surgery – Not True, Officials In South Korea Have Said!

kim jong-un : Dictator of North Korea

North Korea And It’s Leaders

I personally think this to be a very sensitive topic about . North Korea has been suffering, and still has a long way to go with similar conditions. For years, Kim Jong Un’s father and his grandfather have rules the land. Rumours of Kim Jong un’s death are all over the internet.

The citizens think what they are told to think, very little gaps are left for recreation. Freedom is illegal. How would you like to live in such a country where you don’t worship God but your rulers? All the activities of this country is a secret, nobody knows what goes on in North Korea.

Trump offers North Korea economic prosperity, but Kim isn ...

It’s that statement with Vegas, except it should sound like- what happens in North Korea stays in North Korea.

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Kim Jong Un’s Death Or Illness Rumours

North Korea shut it’s borders because of the pandemic in early January this year. After that, Kim Jong Un was last seen on 12th April, by the airforce- inspecting everything. Looks like his trip to the sacred mountain Paektu wasn’t so good for his health.

Since he was last seen weeks ago, various news reports are coming up with diverse stories. An unknown source informed Daily NK that the leader was suffering through a heart disease. For this purpose, some Chinese doctors had come in to perform a surgery.

North Korea Ruler Kim Jong-Un is "Alive or Died?'' Kim ...

Even rumours of Kim Jong un’s death is spreading like wildfire. However, North Korea is very keen on keeping its country’s affairs a secret. South Korea and China are the closest to NK, they too have no updates on this. China has denied sending any doctors.

What do you think happened? Is the leader dead? He did not even attend his grandfather’s ceremony this year, it isn’t likely for him to do so unless he is in deep trouble.

Who Will Be The Successor?

I bet you haven’t heard of Kim Yo Jong. The leader has a sister, elder sister, to succeed him if anything is to happen to him. A few years ago, the sister was in control when Kim was down due to some illness.

Kim Yo Jong: The most powerful woman in North Korea - CNN

Kim Yo Jong is a fierce woman, she is as feared as her brother. The siblings are quite close to each other and maintain similar ideologies. Do you think she will improve or worsen the conditions of North Korea?

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