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Kim Kardashian And Kelly Rowland Celebrate La La Anthony’s Birthday!

Kim Kardashian with La La Anthony
Source: Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland And La La Anthony

Kim Kardashian And Kelly Rowland Celebrate La La Anthony’s Birthday!:Β We know that Kim Kardashian, the oldest of Kardashian-Jenner clan, doesn’t need an introduction. She is already famous for her dramatic appearances and controversial life.

Kim Kardashian became famous when Kris Jenner sold her family and personal life to the media. Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of the most controversial yet somehow interesting shows one can watch!

Considering that celebrities have other celebrity best friends, we know that our beloved Kim K is friends with American Singer Kelly Rowland and Tv personality La La Anthony.

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The three have been ‘best friends’ for a long time, and everyone knows how close they are! On 25th June, La La Celebrated her 39th Birthday; Kim and Kelly didn’t budge from sending her over-the-top wishes.

Let us get into the details of how Kim and Kelly celebrated La La’s Birthday!

Kim And Kelly Wished La La Via Instagram!

As La La completed 39 years of her life, her two best friends Kim and Kelly, took over Instagram and poured their love to her.

Kim shared various photos of her and La La on her Instagram. In the picture, La La wore black bodycon longsleeved dress whereas Kim wore a metallic back sleeveless gown. She captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday to my bestie La La. I love you so much.”

Moreover, Kim shared another picture of her and La La sharing a meal.Β In the photo, they looked relaxed, and it seemed like they were having fun.

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La La Anthony with Kelly Rowland
Source: HawtCelebs

Apart from Kim, La La’s other best friend- Kelly Rowland also took Instagram to give her love and regards to the ‘birthday girl’. Kelly shared a video of her and La La singing on the top of their voices. The two went on a ride and were trying to sync their voices. After failing miserably, they stormed into great laughter!

Rowland also shared a picture of her and La La on the beach grinning to click the perfect photograph!

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Kim, Kelly And La La’s Friendship!

Most of the times, Hollywood friendships are nothing but a scam for audiences. Celebrities act like they are friends, but behind their backs, they talk!

But, Kim, Kelly and La La’s friendship is different from what we are used to seeing. The trio has been friends for over a decade and has helped each other during their hard times.

Back when La La was going through her divorce, Kim and Kelly were there to support her throughout her dark phase. The same happened with Kim and Kelly, when they were in their darkest phases, the other two supported them through it all!

Isn’t this the epitome of friendship? Let us know if you know other celebrities who’s friendship is an inspiration to us!

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