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Kim Kardashian Gets Emotional On Meeting Kanye West After Kanye’s Twitter Debacle !

Kim and Kanye
Source: TMZ

Kim Kardashian Cries On Seeing Kanye West

Kim Kardashian couldn’t control her emotions on meeting her husband Kanye West. All this while, Kim was staying at their house while Kanye was staying at a ranch in Wyoming. Kim finally flew down to his place and was visibly crying on meeting him. This was bound to happen as the two had an emotionally draining week. They went for a fast-food run and the two looked calm initially. However, once Kim got into the car, she started crying and got very emotional about whatever happened between the two in the past week.

Kim and Kanye
Source: TMZ

When Kanye Crossed The Line During His Rally

The drama started when Kanye conducted his first election rally in South Carolina. Just like all other things, this also went unconventional for Kanye. After blabbering a lot about many things, he came to the subject of abortion. His views on it looked very noble until he decided to give his personal account. He revealed Kim wanted to abort North while he decided otherwise. This personal revelation was not discussed with Kim and she was rightly upset about it. The rally ticked off a week full of controversies for Kanye and Kim.

When Kanye Went On A Twitter Turmoil

Kanye did not stop by discussing his personal life publicly as he went ahead with it on Twitter. In a series of tweets, he made the world know that Kim and her mother Kris were trying to come to his place with a doctor to lock him. He even revealed about the time he wanted to divorce Kim. With that, Kanye not just crossed the line but went way too ahead with it. The entire week, he wrote controversial stuff on Twitter and deleted it in ten minutes.

Kim and Kanye
Source: Hollywood Life

When Kim Decided To Respond

Kim officially decided to come out and speak. She revealed that the sudden outburst of Kanye was because of his mental illness. She made it clear that the loss of his mother has taken a toll on Kanye’s bipolar disorder. Kanye finally settled down and apologized to his wife through Twitter on Sunday.

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