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Kim Kardashian: Is Kim Controlled By Husband Kanye West?

Recently Kim Kardashian’s former best friend Larsa Pippen in an interview claimed that Kanye West brainwashes Kim Kardashian against her friends and everyone. The statements made by Larsa Pippen received a lot of attention but also made the Kardashian sisters concern about Kim. The Kardashians had a lot to say but they rather gave their response by simply u unfollowing Larsa on Instagram. Check out everything you need to know about it.


According to the new magazine, Kim Kardashian was weird out by her ex-bestie’s response about her husband and even her sister. However, Kim also noticed that Larsa has blocked Kanye West on Instagram. After which she unfollowed her too. The whole point of the interview that Larsa gave was to know why she isn’t as close to the Kardashians anymore. To which she completely blamed Kanye West, Larsa mentions that Kanye is so insecure that he would do everything to brainwash Kim. And all he wants is for Kim to stay away from everyone.

Kanye Controls Kim?

Now the question is, is it true? Do Fans and her family need to worry about Kanye controlling Kim? According to the reports, Khloe and Kortney have given many hits in their interviews that they feel Kim is being controlled by her husband Kanye. And as we all know Kanye West is one of the most controversial stars. He had messed up his and Kim’s friendship with several big superstars.

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Kim and Kanye’s friendship had also been ruined with Hollywood power couple John Legend and Chrissy TeigenΒ because of Kanye’s actions. Even though the couple attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding. In several interviews, they have mentioned that they can not trust Kanye West. And that their friendship is completely ruined. If Kanye West is your partner then you have to worry about a lot of things.


And that is not all, he had messed up with many celebrities may it be Jennifer Aniston, Jay Z or anyone else. Recently Kanye’s friendship was confirmed to be ruined with Beyonce and her husband Jay Z. The couple have mentioned that in their conversation with Kanye, he mentioned that he had leaked Kris Jenner’s chat.

Kanye’s Relationship With Other Celebrities

Which both Jay Z and Beyonce don’t approve of. In an interview, they mentioned that if a guy can break his mother in law’s trust then, why won’t they break their friend’s trust. And hence their friendship came to an end. And that wasn’t the first time they fought. Kanye West used to work for Jay Z and due to some money-related issues, Β he had many fights with them as well.


And hence, it’s pretty obvious that if he had ruined all his relationships with all the famous people he would let Kim have many friends either. However, Kim in her interview had said that for her friendships are important and she wants to save them. However, it seems like Kanye West controls her a little too much.


There have been many situations that confirm that yes Kanye West controls Kim Kardashian. However, the Kardashian family isn’t really happy about it and seem to worry a lot about Kim.

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