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Kim Kardashian Returns To Los Angeles After Emotional Meeting With Husband Kanye West !

Kim Kardashian
Source: Fox News

Kim Kardashian Returns To Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian has seen many controversies until now. However, the one she faced during the past week was probably the toughest one as she did not even start it to begin with. Her husband Kanye West was not at his best mentally and that was very evident to everyone. She finally met Kanye by flying from Los Angeles to Wyoming. She met her husband after a long time. However, she returned to Los Angeles the very next day on her private plane. She was clearly seen exiting her private plane without Kanye West.

Why Did Kanye West Not Join Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had an emotional reunion with her husband Kanye West. The two had a very challenging week with the media behind them at all times. Kim was initially calm when she saw her husband but things soon turned serious when she got into the car with Kanye. Kim exploded into tears and Kanye also seemed visibly tense. Looks like they could not completely resolve the issues with each other. However, the latest sources reveal that Kanye decided to stay in Wyoming to look after his album launch.

Kanye’s Unsuccessful And Dramatic Election Campaign

It is very safe to say that Kanye has got nothing but controversy ever since he announced his candidature in the 2020 US elections. Kanye seemed to have lost control of himself during the election rally that was held in South Carolina. Kanye spoke with passion but his words seemed like a big blunder. His personal comments on Kim and North did not go down well with Kim and her mother Kris. However, things started making sense when Kim revealed that Kanye’s bipolar disorder had gone overboard and it was the reason behind his unfiltered mouth.

Kim and Kanye
Source: The Blast

Kanye’s Public Apology To Kim Kardashian

Kanye seemed to have lost the thin line between personal and public matters as he shamelessly started posting his personal problems on Twitter. He was notoriously famous the whole week for deleting personal tweets within five minutes. Finally, someone put some sense in his mind and he decided to apologize to Kim. He took to Twitter to issue a public apology to his wife.

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