Kim Kardashian West Has Joined The Fight Against The Coronavirus Pandemic By Launching A Range Of Face Packs!

What does Kim Kardashian do?

Kim Kardashian West is an American media personality, model, businesswoman, socialite, and actress. So, recently she had unveiled a line of face masks as part of the Skims brand. SKIMS is a Sher I Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences. As we all know, due to the ongoing issues of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is staying at home. Also, only a few people are allowed if they have a genuine reason to come out. So, people should wear a mask and gloves to save themselves from the virus.

Kim Kardashian is making her step towards pandemic, to fight with it. So, she is making the people have masks on their faces, by launching a range of face masks. Thus, she decided to launch a face mask through her underwear SKIMS brand. So, this mask was designed in such a way, which allows people to wear it all day. Due to this pandemic, all doctors, police, and sanitary workers are working so hard to save people’s lives.

Mask Features

After wearing the mask, for so much time, they feel it as irritable and rashes on their face. So, Kim designed a mask that helps people to breathe well and to stay away from rashes. Also, this mask is like other products in their brand, which are seamless, breathable, and stretchy.

This brand launched the masks on Saturday. These masks are available in five different colors. So, masks are in the colors of Sand, Clay, Sienna, Cocoa, and Onyx. So, the prices of these masks start with 8 U.S dollars.

Other Updates

Shockingly, after the launch of these masks, all were sold within hours. This information was out through the Twitter account Kim. Also, they are working with their local partner to provide the masks as early as possible.

Kim donated 10,000 masks to some foundations. These include Baby2Baby, Good+Foundation, National Domestic Workers Alliance, and LA food Bank. Also, this brand is working to provide the necessary products for people, who are in need. The company decided to do a donation worth one million U.S dollars to some charities.

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