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Kim Kardashian West Is Divorcing Kanye? Check Out The Details!

The rumours have been doing rounds from a few months ago about Kim
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Kim Kardashian West Is Divorcing Kanye? Check Out The Details!: The rumours have been doing rounds from a few months ago about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce. Their relationship has deteriorated. Kanye has decided to go for presidential elections this year.

Kim Is Considering Divorce

However, after this decision, he is always in the news for his controversial statements about the Kardashian family. Reportedly, Kim is filing a divorce from his rapper husband, Kanye.

According to sources, she is keeping in mind the big picture of their relationship. Kim cannot see a happy future with his husband. She has her uncertainties. Also, she is stressed as she is stuck between studying law and mothering her children. So, as per the reports, Kim is considering divorce if it’s not working for her.

Kanye West Worrying Tweets

Fans too have noticed Kanye’s strange behaviour. In his recent deleted tweets, Kanye has spoken about so many things that it has left everyone baffled. People are concerned about Kanye’s mental health. While Kanye was at his Wyoming ranch, he tweeted “Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movieΒ Get OutΒ because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday.”

He further tweeted “Kris doesn’t play with me you and that Calmye is not allowed around my children. You all tried to lock me up.” It meant that Kanye did not want Kris Jenner to see her grandchildren.

Reportedly, Kanye Is Going Through Maniac Episodes

The duo was going through a tough time, but they did adjust their routines for a quiet vacation in the Dominican Republic. Media reports are saying that Kanye’s is experiencing manic episodes because of bipolar disorder.

His changed behaviour has been a cause of embarrassment for Kim. However, this news isn’t confirmed. Another report has claimed that Kim Kardashian West wants Kanye to seek treatment for it, but he refused.

Though the couple hasn’t officially confirmed their split, Kanye’s presidential run has created some significant issues in their life.

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